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The Steward's Solera

Inspired by the Solera systems used to age Sherry, the Steward has begun using this concept for aging his Bourbon Whiskey. A Solera is a system for aging product, in which the casks of the older product are topped off by the product of the next oldest casks.


Like making a stew or sauce, the Steward believes that letting the different ages and flavors mingle before bottling creates a greater depth of flavor. The Steward donates 10% of the net profits from his brands to charity.


-Excerpt from www.thestewardssolera.com

Suerte Tequila

Suerte Tequilas have been carefully handcrafted to appeal to today’s modern Tequila drinker while maintaining a high level of authenticity. During production, our Master Distiller uses traditional methods such as low temperature, slow cooking and use of a Tahona to create a truly unique Tequila. 


Of equal importance is the pure spring water that infuses every sip of our value premium brand. At Suerte Tequila we believe in providing a true artisanal Tequila experience while pushing the boundaries of this traditional Mexican spirit.


-Excerpt from www.drinksuerte.com

source: www.pleasethepalate.com

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