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Palisade, Colorado

Colorado Cellars is a family owned and operated establishment that produces some of the finest wines in Colorado.  They have been recognized for excellence through numerous national and international awards.  In 1978, the winery became the first to make wine in Colorado using Colorado Grapes. As their label states – they are Colorado's original winery. With  selections of still, sparkling, mead, and fruit wine, the winery makes the effort to use primarily local Colorado ingredients - even their honey wine is made with Colorado honey from bees that these masters of wine keep!

Laporte, Colorado

Photo courtesy of Andrea Karapas from Serving Up Fort Collins

"Our winemaker, William Conkling, with a background in Biology, Chemistry, and Geology, began his fermentation career in 1999 working in Quality Assurance for one of the local breweries in Fort Collins, but he always maintained a passion for winemaking. After 7 years at the brewery he decided it was time to take his hobby to the next, and legal, level. After finishing the winery construction in 2006, the next step was licensing and approvals, and in just under a year we were ready for the first grape harvest. Using grapes from Colorado's Western Slope we made our first Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay..."


-Excerpt from tenbearswinery.com

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Along with the local wines we carry, we have a great assortment of domestic and impressive selection of imported wines too!

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